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Content Assist - Templates

  • Mihael Schmidt

    Mihael Schmidt - 2009-09-05


    I'm just getting in to the Templates task. I would like to know which templates you would like to see? What are standard code structures you use?


    do while loop:
    dow (${expression});

    list iteration:
    ${entryPointer} = list_getNext(${list});
    dow (${entryPointer} <> *null);
    ${entryPointer} = list_getNext(${list});

    Any more ideas?


    fist (mihael)

  • bconolly

    bconolly - 2009-10-01

    All the ones that are in RDi ;)

    That is:

    • if
    • for

    On a related note, it'd be great to be able to inset "snippets"
    whereby you can add in standard code / comment blocks etc.


  • Mihael Schmidt

    Mihael Schmidt - 2009-10-02

    I have noticed the smiley but for those who haven't: I'm definitly not going
    to add all the RDi templates to the editor. Most people don't use them at all
    and all the SQL Free-Form templates are not really useable as they are. I
    think SQL differs so much from person to person that it does not make sense to
    add SQL templates.

    Snippets: Snippets in RDi are a poor excuse for an incomplete support of
    templates. Why are templates only working in /free in RDi?! Almost all things
    can also be done with templates. That said I don't think that I will introduce
    snippets in the editor. Standard code can easily be added via templates. No
    need for snippets there.

  • Mihael Schmidt

    Mihael Schmidt - 2009-10-02

    And for those who do not know: templates are extensible. Means that you can
    define your own templates or modify existing ones.


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