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RPG++ 0.1 Alpha Released

The RPG++ Class Library, a C++ library used to rapidly develop RPG's, MUDs, or other games that require advanced NPC intelligence and networking capabilities, has just been released at version 0.1 Alpha. This is a working release but only a subset of the requirements (as found in the System Design Document) have been met. This release is a proof-of-concept and peer revision, and as such, is expected to contain bugs and incomplete items. Developers are welcomed and encouraged to submit any bugs or features via the Source Forge bug & feature request mechanisms.... read more

Posted by B. Gian James 2003-05-14

RPG++ Gaming Library Announced

RPG++, a C++ Class Library for rapidly developing Role Playing Games, was announced Saturday, March 22, 2003. RPG++ is a set of C++ classes and methods that allow game developers to integrate specific functionality into their games without needing to have the level of expertise normally required for that functionality. By utilizing the library, game developers are able to quickly add in network support (client, server, lobby system), item and player management systems (global and local, as in player inventories), a comprehensive journaling system (for quests, journals, spells, technical blueprints), an in-depth evolutionary economy system, advanced AI for NPCs and a scripting engine to define custom objects and taxonomies.... read more

Posted by B. Gian James 2003-03-22