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V3.0 Under Construction

thanks to everyone that has helped out and please keep comiming back for updates

Posted by Scott Devaney 2004-03-22

V 0.02 Update

V 0.02 is under construction on the website. Come by and see the drastic changes that are going to take effect on this game. It will be good. Just come and see.

Posted by Scott Devaney 2003-11-26

V 0.0.2 in progress

The second version is now in progress! Visit the homepage at and select V-0.0.2 to check out the awesome new layout!

Posted by Lee Delarm 2003-10-08

Web site updated

I've updated the website with a slightly less crappy design. The game on the website has been updated (for those of you who play) and that's about the last update for this version that I'm doing. I'm now starting work on V 0.0.2 which will be a big step up from the original.

Posted by Lee Delarm 2003-09-30

Game running on Webpage

Go to and try out the V 0.0.1 game. It's a really rough version and has some bugs but hey, it works! I really need artwork and coders/designers are appreciated as well. Contact me :)

Posted by Lee Delarm 2003-09-27

First Release Up

I have released the code for the first game I have made. It's an EXTREMELY rough version of future releases so don't base your expectations on this one. It doesn't include an install because it's mainly meant for being used as a platform to form your own style. Future releases may contain an install when they get too complicated to pick and make your own database from just looking at the code.

Have fun!

Posted by Lee Delarm 2003-09-22

Up and running!

Well folks, I just got the long awaited (1 whole day) approval letter from giving me the go ahead for this great project!

Soon I'll get the rough version I have currently on my home box on the downloads list for all to play with :)

Posted by Lee Delarm 2003-09-10