Is there any way I can reassign "Scroll Up One Page" to my PgUp key and

  • BobC

    BobC - 2014-05-09

    I would also like to reassign "Scroll Down One Page" to my PgDn key.

    I would also like to reassign the "Scroll To Top" to Ctrl PgUp keys and "Scroll To Bottom" to the Ctrl PgDn keys.

    I should have mentioned, I'm running Manjaro 0.8.9 32 bit with ROXTerm 2.8.2. I have the stable Openbox edition of the Manjaro, but I have slim turned off and am using startx and having it start IceWM for a window manager, which is a very light setup and is generally running well.

    I do think your program is the best bang for the buck terminal out there if this worked because it also has tabs and doesn't use too much memory.

    Yes, I know I'm asking for it to work differently than the old terminals worked, but it would be a nice improvement over having to click with the mouse when typing.

    I tried setting "Enable editing" on in configuration and then going to the menu option involved with the mouse and pressing the keys, but nothing happened. It seems to me that this should work, but maybe I'm doing something wrong?

    Nevermind... I found the file ~/.config/ and edited it by hand and they all work now. No idea why it couldn't set them in the program, but at least its working ok once set.

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  • Tony Houghton

    Tony Houghton - 2014-05-12

    Support for editing shortcuts by "hovering" was quietly dropped from GTK+ in version 3.10. I'll soon be releasing a new version which makes the process of editing text files a little easier, but it still involves editing text files; I don't really think it's worth the effort of writing a special shortcut editor.

    Alternatively you can (temporarily) install the GTK2 version of roxterm, the old way of editing shortcuts still works in that. The downside is that the old version of vte lacks some features.


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