2008/1/23, Thomas Leonard <talex5@gmail.com>:
OK, it's uploaded! Could someone on linux-ppc please try it?

This command should get the latest version and run it:

$ 0launch -r http://rox.sourceforge.net/2005/interfaces/ROX-Filer


tried with a second user on my iBook, and didn't find the ppc binary. There is a http://rox.sourceforge.net/2008/linux-ppc/ROX-Filer.xml , but it's greyed out, and there isn't any description or signature. It's also listed as ppc64.

I tried a compile on ROX-Filer, and it did find the GLib-dev for ppc all fine (with my key, etc...) but there was a small error when doing cancel:

WARNING:root:Missing <feed-for> for 'http://0install.net/2006/interfaces/GLib-dev' in ' http://0install.net/2008/linux-ppc/GLib-dev.xml'

Guess I should spend some time on 0install.net to read the complete handbook of zeroinstall.