I suspect it's using libmagic (the file command) to get MIME info. I've found that, under ROX, file extensions don't matter.

- Alex
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On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 11:57 AM, <vwren@ponyhome.com> wrote:
I'm a new ROX user, and I'm setting up my various configurations.  I've
run across at least one incorrectly applied mime-type, though.  In my
music folders, I have an *.m3u file which holds the playlist for the
directory.  When I try to apply an action to it (Audacious, in my case),
ROX wants to change the action for "text/plain"  I looked up where *.m3u
might be referenced in /usr/share/mime, and found these entries:



Also, in /usr/share/mime/audio:

x-mpegurl.xml:  <alias type="application/m3u"/>
x-mpegurl.xml:  <alias type="audio/m3u"/>
x-mpegurl.xml:  <alias type="audio/x-m3u"/>
x-mpegurl.xml:  <glob pattern="*.m3u"/>
x-mpegurl.xml:  <glob pattern="*.m3u8"/>

So clearly the mime type should be "audio/x-mpgurl" based on globbing.

I used the ROX MIME-editor, and when I pull up audio/x-mpegurl, it, too,
shows, right in the first section ("Name matching")
Match "*.m3u"
Match "*.m3u8"
Match "*.vlc"

On the (far-fetched) theory that spaces in the filename were causing
problems, I tried it with no spaces, but it had no effect.

My question is, how do I determine where ROX is getting the "text/plain"
MIME type for *.m3u, and how do I get it to find the CORRECT one?  Are
there MIME shared libraries ROX depends on? (I built this system from
scratch, so no "yum" or "apt-get" please.)

Victor Wren

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