Just a thought on speeding the process of creating file associations...

In Rox the usual way of creating an association is to open up the "Set Run Action" dialog and drag something into it. This is good, but it gets annoying when setting associations for lots of different filetypes, or changing associations.

So how about letting the user drag the file icon onto the application icon to create an association? Currently that will open the file in that application, but won't associate it. I think it would be a good idea to have that action instantly associate the filetype and application; the user could set a different association later by dragging the file onto a different application icon. This would reduce the amount of clicking and dragging needed to create file associations.

Example: I drag a .doc file onto abiword.desktop in /usr/share/applications. This opens the file in Abiword; but additionally, from now on, clicking on any .doc file will open it in Abiword. Later I realize Abiword is insufficient and install LibreOffice. Now I want to reassociation .doc files with LibreOffice Writer, so I drag one onto the Writer icon in /usr/share/applications, and the association is switched to Writer as the document is opened.

Probably it also would be a good idea for this to be optional, e.g. controlled by "Options" -> "Drag and Drop" -> "Associate filetypes instantly" or somesuch option.

What do you guys think? How hard would this be to implement?