Thanks a lot!
With proper settings, I can launch every text files in one instance of vim. I can also use rox to switch between files, whenever I click on a file that is already open, vim switches to the correct buffer! I think I found the perfect IDE ;)

On 3/29/07, Jim Ramsay <> wrote:
Carl Bolduc wrote:
> Now, I would like to know how you set the default for all text files
> to open inside "xterm -e vim" (I guess that is what you do?). Do I
> have to set mime-types for each type of file manually? I would also
> want to know if it is possible to always open files in the same
> instance of xterm+vim or if I'm forced to launch a new instance each
> time.

To run a command for all text/* files for all script names, right-click
on any text file in Rox filer, click "Set run action", then choose "Set
default for all 'text/<anything>', and either drag in a .desktop or
AppDir file, or type something in the box like 'gvim "$@"'.
(Alternatively you can edit the file or symlink called

If you want to reuse the same instance of gvim (or vim) for all text
files, you can try the magic 'client/server' in vim (":h clientserver"
for more info).  This may be only available in more recent versions of
vim (running 7.0 here), but I'm not sure what the minimum version is.

I have used this, plus a nice app called 'wmctrl' to come up
with this magic script I called 'gvimws' (attached) which lets me have
exactly one gvim instance per X desktop.  You could probably do
something similar for xterm+vim, I think.

Jim Ramsay
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