2008/11/18 Yuri Bongiorno <yuri@sociol.unimi.it>
ganassa <ganassa <at> gmail.com> writes:

I assure you that /usr/share/mime/packages/gnome-raw-thumbnailer.xml has not
been created by ROX-thumbnailers.

I trust you, especially because of the fact it's inside a root-writable-only directory, and RAWthumb is user-wide.

which distribution do you use? for example, on debian/ubuntu, type:
dpkg -S /usr/share/mime/packages/gnome-raw-thumbnailer.xml

Ubuntu. but now it's at home so I can't run this.

> What I am not understanding is: how to uninstall it?Anyone can help me
cleaning this situation?

It's an application directory, do you want to uninstall it? delete
'ROX-thumbnailers' directory!
But I think your problem is in your local settings. Try this: create another
user on your system, don't copy your settings in it, then log in and try

I deleted ROX-thumbnailers, and something happens, but I'm not sure about the effects. At least, MIME they are now OK.

At now:
- all CR2 files created by an EOS 400D and stored on a NTFS disk BEFORE rox-messing-up, they are not getting thumbnails
- all CR2 files created by an EOS 40D and stored on the same NTFS disk AFTER rox-messing-up, they are getting thumbnails
- all CR2 files created by any EOS I got, and moved from the NTFS to ext2 partition, they will get thumbs!

So, once solved the MIME-type trouble, I'm still getting a problem for which the cause could be related to Camera Model / Filsystem storage type / caching.