#2 Directory Tree


Hello all,

I tried to submit this via the Geocrawler mailing list
for ROX but it looks like it's read only... Anyways, I
recently installed ROX Filer and I like it a lot. I
was wondering if there was a diretory tree pane
available or planned. Or is this a religious issue? ;-)

I looked through the documentation but there was
nothing there mentioning a directory tree pane.




  • Thomas Leonard

    Thomas Leonard - 2001-03-26

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    Well, it does tend to clutter the windows...

    If you just want it for navigating then we could possibly
    have a tree button on the toolbar that shows the directory
    structure as a menu tree when you click on it.

    That doesn't help much if you want DnD though...

  • Christian Storgaard

    Logged In: YES

    I don't see how DND wouldn't work here.

    Wouldn't one just be able to drop or drag the representation
    of the file or directory in the tree, just like a normal window?

    By the way, I think it's a good idea ;) .

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    Yes, please!

    I have a file manager open all the time, no matter what
    operating system I'm using and I find the tree to be
    essential to file management.

    It really is a power users tool.

    I love ROX, it's fast and slick. All it needs now is a good
    tree to go with the filer.

  • Thomas Leonard

    Thomas Leonard - 2002-09-05

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    From discussions on the mailing list, it seems that this
    would be added as
    a new display style (tree view) rather than as a pane. Like

    This probably isn't going to happen very soon, however.

    As a first step, the new View interface now allows different
    widgets to be used to display files. Initially, this will be
    used to display the files as a list (but using the
    GtkTreeView widget).

    It's still a fairly big step from that to an actual tree
    view (there are a lot of
    things to work out, both for the user interface and internal
    details such as

  • Thomas Leonard

    Thomas Leonard - 2002-09-05
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  • Thomas Leonard

    Thomas Leonard - 2003-01-05

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    The CVS version now uses the GtkTreeView widget to display
    the files in the
    new List View, but it only shows a flat list. So, while
    still not an easy
    feature to add, it's now a lot easier to add than it was ;-)

    It certainly won't happen by 2.0, but maybe someone will
    make a patch for
    when the 2.1 branch starts...

  • Epsilon

    Epsilon - 2005-05-29

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    i think that the tree can be a separated implementation.
    Something like the left panel, which do not depends
    exclusively of rox-filer (can be called rox-panel).

    What I say is that replacing (or not replacing) the icons in
    the panel you can place a tree widget with the dir structure
    (with double click in the dir, opens the default filer
    seeing on shared-mime-types-db) and why not, bookmarks
    together (with .desktop files) and maybe inside of bookmark
    can be a sub-dir called something like menu (that can be
    configured on orobo-rox, as an example).
    This thing of bookmark and menus should be an standard.

    The panel with take 1/4 of the screen so a way to hide the
    panel will be needed.
    The panel can be something like the konqueror's side panel
    but integrated as a WM panel.


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