#15 read /etc/mailcap for run-action defaults



It'd be extremely useful if ROX-Filer could read
/etc/mailcap and .mailcap and use the results for
default run-actions etc. /etc/mailcap and
/etc/mime.types may be old and some say "obsolete" but
they're still in heavy use. They are the only thing
approaching a standard that we have.

We're using ROX-Filer here at work on network booted
486 thin-clients, its a wonder. I do appreciate the
time you've put into it - I'm just making a suggestion.
I'd do it myself ... but I'm already trying to learn 2
languages for work and a 3rd (C/C++) might be a bit much.


  • Thomas Leonard

    Thomas Leonard - 2003-01-07

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    Create a PERL or whatever script that opens a document with the
    program in mailcap. Make that the default run action for
    'text', 'application', 'video', 'audio' and 'image' (use the
    /<anything> option in the Set Run Action box).

    That way, the default is always mailcap, but other actions
    can be specified. 'rox -m' reports what the filer thinks the
    type of a particular file is.

  • Craig Ringer

    Craig Ringer - 2003-01-08

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    Fair enough. It might be an idea to include such a script in
    the ROX-Filer package, since I expect many people want this
    capability. Many won't realise that its mailcap that
    provides the automatic file recognition on their systems.
    The advantage of having such a feature in ROX would be
    speed, above all else, since the mailcap contents could be
    loaded once and cached in a directly useable form, yes? Oh
    well - as my ex-boss always says, "speed is a hardware
    problem". Well, sometimes anyway.

    Thanks for the info.

  • Thomas Leonard

    Thomas Leonard - 2005-07-24
    • status: open --> closed
  • Thomas Leonard

    Thomas Leonard - 2005-07-24

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    This is something you might want in the freedesktop.org MIME
    actions spec, since it shouldn't be ROX specific.


    Closing this bug as we're not going to do anything about it
    in ROX - please continue the discussion at freedesktop.org
    if you're still interested.


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