#69 DnD file(s)>>shell scripts does'nt work any more

ROX-Filer (85)

I noticed this after upgrading from 2.2.0 to 2.3 on my
Debian/Sarge x86.

Say I have a Gimp icon on my desktop (pinboard),
leading to a /usr/bin/gimp shell script wrapper of
mine. The wanted operation consists in dragging an
image file, say a .png, onto the gimp icon on the desktop.

With 2.2.0, this operation works as expected: while the
file drag icon lays over the gimp desktop icon, a "+"
appears, when I drop it over it opens the image inside

With 2.3 there is no "+" in the drag icon, and drop is

I also tested DnD directly to programs in filer
windows, with the same result. In fact Dnd works to a
compiled executable program, to a source executable
Python script, but _not_ to an executable (bourne)
shell script ! However if I click directly on the gimp
icon (instead of DnD), the shell script is run and gimp

Why making shell scripts special to DnD ?

PS: sorry for the cryptic title, but length was too
short to write an correct summary in clear text.


  • Fabien COUTANT

    Fabien COUTANT - 2005-11-24
    • labels: --> ROX-Filer
  • Fabien COUTANT

    Fabien COUTANT - 2005-11-24
    • milestone: --> Incorrect_behaviour
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Fabien COUTANT

    Fabien COUTANT - 2005-11-24
    • status: open --> closed-remind
  • Fabien COUTANT

    Fabien COUTANT - 2005-11-24

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    After submitting I continued to dig and found the reason of
    the bug, so I answer myself and close the bug.

    The MIME type application/x-shellscript is only declared a
    sub-class of text/plain when rox also wants
    application/x-executable as subclass for the file to be
    considered a program (I guess *this* is the change brought
    by 2.3 that triggers the bug).

    The shared-mime-info v0.16 does'nt declare the 2nd sub-class
    and so Rox provides a rox.xml to add it. This file must be
    copied to /usr/share/mime/packages, then you _must_ run the
    command "update-mime-database /usr/share/mime" (or whatever
    is your MIME directory).

    To maintainers of Rox: This procedure should be highlighted
    somewhere because a stock in-place usage of Rox, as app-dir,
    will show the bug (installing shared-mime-info in the system
    is not enough).


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