#2 feature requests: silent error log & desktop folder

ROX-Filer (85)

1. when i occaisonally use a kde appplication (i'm using a modified WMX window manager), there are frequent stderr messages causing the rox log window to show up; it'd be nice to be able to silence it.

2. it'd also be nice to be able to define a Desktop folder instead of using a pinboard -- it's convenient to be able to place things on the desktop using other/non-rox applications. i imagine this as an optional alternative to the standard pinboard...

thanks for listening, and thanks for rox.



  • Thomas Leonard

    Thomas Leonard - 2001-01-09
    • assigned_to: nobody --> tal197
  • Thomas Leonard

    Thomas Leonard - 2001-01-09

    Error logging:
    I'm planning to move the log window into ROX-Session (and make it
    less intrusive). Therefore, this feature should be moved out of the filer soon :-)

    Desktop folder:
    It would be possible to have the data saved into a directory, and then create a link from the pinboard to it (rather than actually making the pinboard a directory, which makes things rather complicated).
    Patches will be considered... ;-)

  • Thomas Leonard

    Thomas Leonard - 2001-01-17

    Error logging is now done by ROX-Session (and in a nicer way, too) and has been removed from the filer. CVS snapshots of both programs are on the FTP site...

  • Thomas Leonard

    Thomas Leonard - 2001-01-17
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Nobody/Anonymous

    :: error logging ( fixed! ;)

    thanks; i'll CVS when i get the chance.

    :: desktop folder

    i understand that changing the pinboard stuff to support a Desktop directory would be painful (i peeked at the code).

    what i had in mind was simpler, more of a 'virtual pinboard':

    a directory would be [optionally] defined for each pinboard, and ROX would monitor any changes in that directory; changes in this directory would result in the auto-placement/removal of new/deleted items in the pinboard file (in ~/Choices/...), and, likewise, drag/drop actions on the desktop would update the pinboard....

    :: patches

    i'll consider it too. ;)

    thanks again,



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