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Routing Tools home page opened

There's now a wiki homepage waiting to be filled with content. Currently it is just in a concept state but we'll fill it with content during the next days.

Posted by Kai Krakow 2005-10-30

Routing Tools 0.1 Beta 1

Routing Tools is a (yet) small and simple suite providing a stateful NAT firewall with configurable port forwarding, connection rate limiter and stateful rule matching, and a traffic shaper to fair queueing outgoing packages on a shared (or loaded) internet connection, dividing the bandwidth into user definable bandwidth and priority classes, pulling the tx queue into the linux router and managin high priority tcp protocol packages to remove tcp congestion often experienced on ADSL or other assymmetric lines.... read more

Posted by Kai Krakow 2005-07-26

Routing Tools CVS Snapshot (2004-02-13)

This CVS snapshot fixes TCP congestions problems along with potential lockups of DSL modems and weak DSL routers.

Posted by Kai Krakow 2004-02-15

Routing Tools CVS Snapshot (2003-11-13)

This new release adds a connection rate limiter and the ability to block hostile hosts and networks. It also includes some more approperiate ICMP answers in case of a reject.

Any feedback is welcome and we are still in lack of some documentation. Anybody wants to help out?

Posted by Kai Krakow 2003-11-13

Routing Tools HTB How To

I just added a short description of how to get HTB running. Just have a look at the docs section.

Posted by Kai Krakow 2003-09-26

Routing Tools CVS Snapshot (2003-09-23)

This new snapshot enables MSS clamping to allow packets to pass behind the NAT if your ISP blocks "fragmentation needed".

Also, the package now includes a ChangeLog for a quick review of the latest changes.

Posted by Kai Krakow 2003-09-23

Routing Tools CVS snapshot

I released a snapshot of the CVS repository. The directory structure is pretty self explaining. Everything will probably go where you find it in the tar ball. There is currently no documentation available except comments in the config files itself. How to make it work and run in your distribution is currently kept open to you.

Posted by Kai Krakow 2003-08-24

HTB Shaper

The HTB Traffic Shaper has been added to the CVS repository. Seems to run pretty smooth on my machine. You need Kernel 2.4.20 or any other kernel with the HTB patch applied. Additionally you probably need a tc tool prepared for HTB. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Posted by Kai Krakow 2002-12-04

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