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Released version 1.6

A new version will now soon be released, with the following new features:
(Thanks to the co-efforts of Fabien Valthier)

Route will be editable (selected points can be moved or deleted after drawing) (Thanks Fabien)
Increased maximum duration of route
New vehicle setting: Don't rotate with route direction
Other improvements in vehicle settings
Adding custom vehicles made easier
Automatic deleting files when selected output folder not empty
Several bugs fixed

Posted by Mich888 2012-04-28

Released version 1.5

Thanks to the contributions of Fabien Valthier (a new developer for Route Generator from France), the
following features have been added or improved:

-Route generation improvements (smooth route)
-ffmpeg support for Linux
-Start new route button on toolbar
-Vehicle orientation improved
-Dialog to set vehicle settings (size and angle)
-Generate iconless begin/end frames checkbox moved to preferences dialog
-Google maps importer fix (map now scrollable and zoomable)

Posted by Mich888 2011-01-16

Released version 1.3-alpha

In this version, automatic route interpolation is implemented (but still needs improvement).
Also undo works.
See release notes for details.

Posted by Mich888 2009-06-14

Released version 1.2.3 of Route Generator

This version of Route Generator contains a minor bugfix. If a route contained more than 1000 frames (i.e. after 40 seconds), the frame numbering went wrong and the bmp2avi conversion failed. Adapted the frame numbering.

Posted by Mich888 2008-09-13

Added source code to CVS

The Route Generator source code as now been added to CVS.

Posted by Mich888 2008-09-06

Released version 1.2.2 of Route Generator

I released a minor update of Route Generator, containing better error detection/logging while converting BMP to AVI files (using Bmp2Avi). Some people are having trouble with this stage and hopefully this feature gives some more useful information, if something goes wrong.

Posted by Mich888 2008-08-13

Released Route Generator v1.2

Route Generator v1.2 has been released. The main change in this version is that the vehicle icon now changes it's direction, depending on the heading of the drawn route.

Posted by Mich888 2008-07-29

Released Route Generator

Route Generator 1.1 has been made available today. With Route Generator you can make moving routes for your video editing projects.

Posted by Mich888 2008-05-08