Rounded PHP: v1.0 (beta) released

Rounded PHP is an API for creating perfect anti-aliased rounded corner images on the fly. Using the internal GD library in PHP 5+ and a very simple set of query variables, a developer will have little need to store tons of different rounded corner images to use around his/her site.

There are a few reasons why Rounded PHP was developed. Programmers, by and large, hate design work. And what better way to skip having to use Photoshop and keeping track of individual corner images than to use a simple query and get exactly what you need. It's also common for sites to rely on third-party hosts to supply rounded corners and various other graphics to a layout. While this perfectly safe practice in most cases, it's always comforting to know you aren't going to wake up to a broken website when your third-party site goes down.

Well formatted rounded corners are also hard to generate in a scripting language, as most of them only provide pixelated versions of an arc. Rounded PHP uses a method of determining pixel color by how much of the pixel is covered by the arc. Break out the old calculus book, do some integration and voila.

This is the first release of Rounded PHP, but plans for further development include implementing transparency within the images. The API operates stable, but the project will remain in beta phase until enough feedback is received to warrant a stable release. Download this 1.0 release at and visit the demo site at

Rounded PHP is very young and the resources are still being pieced together. Expect to see online documentation soon, as well as an official page for the project at

Posted by nak5ive 2007-12-05

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