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  • Vladimir Shakhov


    suppose i build a client robot program, that runs on the simulation. Are there server programs for some robot kits? I.e. i have a classroom, and have funding to buy only one robot kit (microcontroller + motion + sensors), i want students, to be able to write client programs at home, come to the class, and run the same program against a real robot.

    Is it possible?

    Something like  Rossum server implementation proxiyng requests to the robot's microcontroller.

    • G. W. Lucas

      G. W. Lucas - 2009-09-02

      An implementation such as you describe was one of the original goals of the Rossum Project. Unfortunately, the Project was never sufficiently completed to achieve that.  As you can see by the release history and lack of other activity at this web page, the project is pretty much stalled due to lack of interest.

      The original intent of the simulator was to develop algorithms rather than specific implementations (though we hoped we would get to that). You could certainly write your own software to support the kind of implementation you describe, but unless your robot ran Java software, it wouldn't be directly compatible with the simulator.  Still,  it might prove a useful environment for testing ideas, if not actual code.

      The RP1 Users Guide contains information that might help clarify what we have. It's available on our downloads page.

      I know that other projects have had more success than mine.  You might look into the Player/Stage simulation.   Recently, I saw a simulator called Symonym (a pun on the English word) at   The problem is that the information they post on their web site information is pretty scarce and I don't know if they actually have anything real yet.

      Good luck.  If your class ends up posting a web page about your activities, I would be interested in hearing about them.  I am a great admirer of the creativity that people bring to robotics.


    • Vladimir Shakhov

      hi, thank you very much for the answer, i'll definitely send you a link, but the class currently is in planning stage. We are choosing a kit + simulation now.


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