Hi all,

I saw this in eweek

There was a discussion awhile back of changing some of the development libraries used to create Rosegarden and one possible benefit would be making it easier to port to other operating systems. Does this announcement from the KDE people have any impact on that? As I mentioned in that earlier discussion, I would love to see Rosegarden available across operating systems because I use it in the classroom and would like to see students be able to run it on whatever OS they have at home. For now, I give them a Dynebolic CD if they want it at home but a cd based distribution is a lot more sluggish than a hard drive install and the technical abilities vary greatly from one home to the next. We do have several families that have Linux installed at home and have added repositories to their install that include Rosegarden but many more use Windows or Macs at home.

I know people's time is limited and I wouldn't want porting to other os's to significantly take away from further Rosegarden development but it would be nice to have it available for other OS's to accommodate the home needs of my middle school students. If this announcement by KDE makes things simple, all the better. Thanks for listening.