Dan's raised some good points about general, and multi track, navigation in RG, and his suggestions would  be  highly useful, imho.

I'm using RG 1.7.2 on a fedora boot (8) for quick drafting, and 1.7.3svn on a UBstudio boot (Hardy) for full time work. I have to say here that my RG experience has been excellent, and with a bit of thought, planning, and research, it does a great job. day in day out.
There's been a lot of work done in the RG 1.7 'series' and it shows in the performance.

Midi is midi, and some degree of knowledge is required using any app, or OS, when using midi as a data trigger of some sort or other.
The ability to set up user defined banks and patches in RG's formidable editor works particularly well when using Linuxsampler, and complex LS templates. I'd be  lost, or considerably further behind, without this feature, that's for sure.


On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 9:49 AM, Dan Muresan <danmbox@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi again,

I have to say that after overcoming a few initial obstacles, Rosegarden
has been *excellent*. It does a lot of things and it does them quite well.

But the investment required to get started was considerable
(unfortunately reading the manual did not help that much -- it assumes
you understand the "philosophy" of the tool; I had to experiment a lot
for things to actually make sense). I stuck with Rosegarden because I
couldn't find anything easier / more promising. I believe usability for
new users could be improved.

>> and import that into Rosegarden. Importing Hydrogen directly gives me a
>> Piano track (i.e. junk).
> No: A midi track, that can be interpreted as piano-track, drum-track,
> .., maybe as fruit-juice ? ;-)

I eventually figured out that channel #10 is the drum channel. Perhaps
this is basic MIDI knowledge (which I admittedly lacked), but it is
nowhere made clear (or at least I can't see it). I guess the "#10 [D]"
notation kind of tipped me...

It would be nice if there was a warning when the user attempts to use
percussion features (e.g. the percussion matrix editor) with the "wrong"
instrument; instruct them to select channel #10, or even offer to do so
for them. This would have saved a lot of time.

> - Select the track.
> - Chose a drum-device (for example - a previously started -  timidity
> or fluid-synth with a GM soundfont)
> - Select instrument #10 and channel #10 (that's the default *drum*
> channel for general-midi)
> - In the instrument parameter panel check the box "Percussion"
> - Select a segment in the track, press D for the drum-editor or M for
> the matrix.

OK. Rosegarden already selects a MIDI device (the default one) and an
instrument (the default one) for me. Perhaps it could make a more
sensible choice and automate the other steps (i.e. choose channel #10,
and mark it as Percussion) when importing Hydrogen songs?

> I think you're confusing things here.
> 1. first setup your devices in the devices editor
> 2. select a track
> 3. select a device
> 4. select an instrument ( above 1, I recommend, because 1 is the default)
>     (note: all tracks with the same instrument will play the same
> instrument. sure.)

OK, I now understand how it works, but still believe it could be
improved from a usability viewpoint (this is wishlist priority, of course.)

At this point, "instruments" show up as as "#2", "#3". My first instinct
as a user was to ignore those cryptic numbers and go directly to the
Instrument box to choose a Bank / Program. I don't really care about
instrument numbers at this point. If they could be managed automatically
by default, I think it would improve usability.

> delete with CTRL-D

I finally realized that Delete actually *does* delete, but since it
shifts further tracks up, you can't tell unless you look at the end of
the track list :) Not sure how this could be improved.

> press "u" to un-/mute
> cursor down key - for the next track

I got that -- but doing it 62 times in a row greatly increases the risk
of RSI damage :)

It would be nice if one could select multiple tracks (e.g. with
shift-click or control-click, like in other GUIs) and then operate on
them (i.e. mute selected tracks / delete selected tracks).


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