Ok, it seems to work if you add a new bank set it to a percussion bank
and then fill in the MSB/LSB. I didn't try that. If you first set the MSB it
doesn't accept that and just jumps to the next value. I'll try to get this done
tomorrow and see if it works correctly.
Anyway, what Emanuel suggests would be a cool feature -- virtual banks allowing you to have a bank with bass sounds, keyboard sounds etc... Each program in such a bank could have a different MSB/LSB, program number. Am I dreaming is, it already possible or do I have to program it myself? :-)
I was also wondering how rosegarden handles a midi port with synth A on channel one, and synth B on channel two via midi thru. You can define the two devices on the same channel, but how will rosegarden know the midi channels?

In theory, that's what the [x] Percussion checkbox is supposed to be for.  Two
banks at the same MSB/LSB, one for drum kits, one for normal programs.

Look at Roland-SC-33.rgd for an example.  Two banks 0 0, one is "Capital
Tones" with type "Bank" and the names of the basic GM programs, while the
other is "Percussion" with type "Percussion bank" and the names of the drum
kits available on this hardware.

I set that up years ago, and would have trouble walking you through it today,
but that's the idea.  Then in practice the [x] Percussion checkbox in
Instrument Parameters controls which set of program names will be displayed.

Now that I think about it, I'm too busy to go look through our old bug
reports, but I have an idea that the percussion checkbox in the bank editor
has had problems for a very long time.  I used it once.  Hopefully you can
get it to work.
D. Michael McIntyre

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