Hi everyone,

First off, my sincere thanks to the developers and all others who make this beautiful piece of software possible. :) Although I have been trying hard to learn about all this, please bear in mind that computer music stuff still is very new to me. I am using the latest stable rosengarden with fluidsynth as my softsynth.

I have an e-mu xboard25 usb midi keyboard connected to my computer. Works great, by now I can enter notes through it into (and hear them, too!). Now, if I understand this correctly to make use of the knobs on the keyboard I need to describe the XBoard25 in an RGD file ( www.rosegardenmusic.com/resources/documents/rgd-HOWTO.shtml).

Before trying to do so, I just wanted to try to get some things clear:

1- what does my keyboard "contain"  in its memory? Using the keyboard I can select one of 16 "patches"; from experimentation these seem to correspond to the first 16 programs in bank 0 of the softsynth device which I am using in rosengarden (eg, patch1 is a piano, patch9 a celesta). The "sounds" themselves are not described in the keyboard but in the soundfont I am loading into the fluidsynth dssi plugin, right?

2- what is the difference between the 16 "channels"  and the 16 "patches" which the keyboard supports? Currently, changing channels on the keyboard seems to have no effect. Will that allow me to switch instruments (eg, from fluidsynth to amsynth?) inside Rosengarden but through the keyboard? I got that idea from reading in the rosengarden manual:


Remember that each MIDI device contains a number of instruments, and that you can assign tracks to those instruments. In MIDI terms, each instrument corresponds to a single channel on your MIDI synth. You can choose which of the available voices (sounds) on your synth each instrument uses, but in order to do this, you need to let Rosegarden know the names for all of the available voices.

This dialog allows you to attach banks of programs (names for voices) to your MIDI devices, [...]


3- Using Rosegarden's "manage MIDI devices" interface, I edited the bank for the keyboard. Eg, I tried switching the name of program1 (a piano) with that of program9 (celesta). But that didn't make a difference in the sound produced: when I selected patch1 on the keyboard I still got the piano, and patch9 still got me the celesta. How is that?

4- if I create a rgd file, will I be able to use the knobs on the keyboard to set the volume? I have succeeded in telling Rosengarden about the control events the keyboard can generate (using Manage MIDI Devices-> Manage Control Events), but how do I "bind" each of these controllers to an action in Rosengarden? That is a big mystery for m! : )

Thank you so much for any help on this. I know I am asking too many questions, srroy!