I managed to get 64 studio up an running and an impressive suite it is... The Rosegarden version is a welcome update from STG a while back too but there seems to be a problem with midi. Midi events seem to suddenly stop being delivered to the device/software intended. That is to say, all is working as expected and then during playing or recording , it suddenly stops. I can see on the transport window that rg is seeing the events come in and if I add a connection to the device in question (through jack) directly from the  corresponding keyboard interface (bypassing rg) , the sound starts again. It appears rg is swallowing them up.

In the first instance, rg advises that a newer version is available and that is probably the best place to start. Being new at Linux, can you give me simple instructions to do this? I have looked at the GUI interface into the updater (sorry - forget the actual name) and it allows a reinstall of rg but not an update (option is dimmed out) . Is it ok to simply allow reinstall? If not - perhaps a command line is the easiest way?

Thanks for your help


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