I wondered if any one has encountered the same problem as me.
Description of the problem
When I connect two different midi devices  they have different volumes.
   1. connect the yamaha and sound is soft.
    2. disconnect midi cable and connect to other midi device. Volume increases
   3. reconnect  cable to yamaha . Volume  of sound is soft again.

The problem is I wish to have both devices connected at the same time but the second device drowns out the yamaha.

The question is . It appears that some how the Yamaha is sending a volume command that is not present on the keyboard itself.
Is there a way in Rosegarden to overide the midi volume ( The Instrument Parameter Volume does not do this)
based on either the MIDI port or channel?

Version of Rosegarden  : 12.04
Soundfont loaded by     : asfxload WeedsGM3 -V 100

MIDI Input devices used :
  a) Yamaha SHS-10
  b) Unknown Chinese Midi keyboard

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