It occurred to me last night that I've submitted a couple of patches via the bug tracker and posted a couple of messages to the list, but never properly introduced myself. So let me do that here.

My name is Daren Beattie. I'm a software developer working for Utah's student loan servicing agency, and a weekend clarinetist in the local community orchestra.

I was a band geek in high school, participating in every music class I could fit into my schedule: marching band, concert band, jazz band, percussion ensemble, AP music theory, and ditching whatever class I had to play with the orchestra when they were rehearsing for the school musical. I also stayed after school on Tuesdays to play with the district orchestra (which, incidentally, is where I met my wife, who was a very good clarinetist from another high school in the district).

After high school, I did a short stint with the University of Utah marching band, and took a few music classes while I was at it. Then I took a year-long break for religious service, after which I joined the U.S. Army as a clarinetist. I stayed on for two terms (7 1/2 years in total), playing in bands in Arizona, Korea, and Oklahoma. I was in Korea in 1998 when I first discovered Linux, and I played with it off and on for a few years before adopting it as my OS of choice in 2003.

Having become disenchanted with Army life (and pay), I went back to school to gear up for a more lucrative career. Following a year at the University of Utah taking business classes, I changed schools and majors and got a BS in Management Information Systems from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2007. I discovered during that time that I love programming, with C++ being my language of preference and Qt being my favorite GUI toolkit.

Most of my programming career has been at my current job, where we have a considerable codebase in VBA (ugh!) and some large projects in VB.NET, but all new development as of two years ago is done in C#. I've come to appreciate C# as a language and .NET as a platform (for the most part), but I really look forward to spending what time I can at home (maybe an hour or two per week) working on something more fulfilling. Rosegarden has given me a good outlet for that ever since I found a need to use it (transposing clarinet parts) and a reason to hack on it (getting cleaner LilyPond output).

So that's where I'm coming from. My focus right now is working out my personal wish-list items regarding the LilyPond export. If I get to a good state with that, I'm happy to look at other people's wish lists.