Will update this list once I've got something to release.

I've added a new branch called win32-mingw-rtmidi.  Chris and I discussed putting my work on the existing win32 branch but as I've also messed around with the directory structure to make life easier to build it's best to keep it separate I think.  The build is coded specific to my machine at the mo but there are some brief instructions on how to build it and install it - not that much to change.  The dependencies don't all quite work out for the moment from the build file so for example the locales don't build automatically.  I'll probably commit those to the branch at some point even though they aren't strictly source files.  There are a couple of hardcoded paths in the project file and also in one source file for the resources to all be found and loaded correctly.

Fonts I've converted using Fontforge and can be installed from the fonts/ directoy.

Overall status is that RtMidi out works but timing is a bit suspect - I've almost got the MIDI IN working.  Wanted to get it at least in SVN before I stopped working on it again/vacation time.   I'll try and put together a NSIS installer in the next week or so I hope.

In SVN I did try to move the original source folders rather than having to re-add them (to facilitate easier downstream merging) but SVN didn't want to play ball.  Easy enough to overlay things though and there is a simple perl script for modifying MOC names from what you have in the head branch.