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On 28 October 2012 17:42, Chris Lyon <wyleus@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear All,

I am using a Edirol UA-100 to control a Nord Modular G2 and a JV-1010. from a You Rock MIDI guitar.Pre Rosegarden, I can see all the devices, I can route using aconnect, aseqdump etc. However when I play the MIDI guitar set to channel 9 ( viewable via patchable and GMIDI Monitor) I see the MIDI info echoing on the MIDI outputs of Rosegarden on channels 15 or 16 and can see no way of actually selecting those specified channels. I presume they are a component of the Instrument definition but can't see where the mapping to MIDI channel is made. I feel I could turn off MIDI thru routing and do the patching externally but would prefer a certain degree of intelligent selection of channel by Rosegarden rather than having to hand choose these options as I move between MIDI guitar and instrument keyboard.

Chris Lyon (wyleu)