On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 8:30 PM, D. Michael McIntyre <rosegarden.trumpeter@gmail.com> wrote:

Uploading files, just click Download (I think you added that button), and "This project has no files.  Would you like to upload some?"  I'm guessing you make it to the same place I do.  I have no files to try uploading, but my bet is it wouldn't work anyway.

I get no upload option.
It appears more likely that the whole damn thing is just completely broken.

Then to top it all off, we no longer have a code repository for Rosegarden.  Bravo, SourceForge, bravo.

Breaking news that Sourceforge and Slashdot have just been bought out by someone bigger - so the chances of things improving or tickets getting prioritised in the next while is probably slightly slimmer than they were a few days ago.  Odd timing with the upgrade stuff if this was on the cards too.