I now understand what you meant. I was looking in the main menu, not the notation editor window. I now see that "user setting" refers to a specific type of pitch bend, not simply a pitch bend value. I like that the Controllers-> Set function accepts the 4 digit numbers of MIDI pitchbend units that go from 0 to 16383, but I have already become accustomed to converting that value to MSB/LSB notation because that is what the Event Editor accepts.
My preferred workflow is to place my notes in the notation editor, then switch to the event editor and insert a pitchbend event for every note. I type in the msb/lsb such as 64,0 for no pitch bend or 50,36, etc. I keep a text file of notes with the msb/lsb for each adjusted note separate for every tuning I work in (13 notes per octave, 17 notes per octave, etc.).For me doing it en masse is not as useful since I am shaping the melody and song as I go along. I do not know in advance exactly what notes I want where. Thanks nonetheless, because I learned more about Rosegarden in the process!

On Sat, Apr 6, 2013 at 10:46 AM, Tom Breton (Tehom) <tehom@panix.com> wrote:

> By 10 arbitrary settings, do you mean individual notes?

No, not notes, settings.  "User" entries on the "Pitchbend" menu.  They
remember their last setting.  It sounds like you are not using a recent
version.  If so, this probably isn't making much sense to you.

On more recent versions, I added a number of controller commands that also
work for pitchbend.  They are accessible thru the "Controllers" submenu.
They make this sort of thing easier.

> If so, the
> usefulness would soon break down as I deal with tunings such as 31 edo,
> which has 31 tones per octave. When you say "place" pitchbends, is there
> an
> automatic way to have all notes come with a pitchbend by default, or will
> I
> just be inserting them (which I already do)?

No.  In recent versions "Controllers -> Place" places one pitchbend event
(or other controller) per selected note, set to the default value.  That
goes by what ruler is selected.  It does not detect the pitch of notes.
You still have to set them to some non-default value that you like, but
now it's possible to do ~en masse~.

The whole procedure goes something like this:

 * Select All events
 * Bring up the pitchbend ruler (has to be before "Place").  If you bring
up (say) the expression ruler, it will place expression controllers
instead, etc.
 * "Controllers" -> "Place"
 * There will now be a default pitchbend (8192) on every note.
 * On the pitchbend ruler, select (say) all the pitchbends on D's
 * "Controllers" -> "Set"
 * There will be a dialog
 * Choose "Flat" (which is the default)
 * Set it to the bend the D's should have, say 5611.
 * Done. All the notes you selected are bent about 37 cents upwards.

        Tom Breton (Tehom)

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