On 17 August 2011 04:07, Brett McCoy <> wrote:
Luckily, they are specific values for half-sharp, half-flat,

You may want to verify your synth does exactly what you think it's supposed to do if you're trusting that the pitch bend range is exactly a whole tone in either direction. I note that some of my synths allow the pitch bend range to vary (and sometimes be different up and down) according to the settings for each patch. I note a number of patches that feel natural to me have a bend range of just over a wholetone allowing a little bit of vibrato across the target note, which feels very natural to me as a guitarist and is great for captured performance, but very tricky to program precise bends. 

Sadly the midi standard assumes 12 semitone per octive, although you might get some mileage out of convincing an advanced synth to tune radically differently.