Thanks Brian. That is very helpful. I am reevaluating again. I actually didn't change much after I originally posted. This is the time if I am going to do it this year.


On Sun, Sep 8, 2013 at 7:03 PM, Brian Clem <> wrote:
David Tisdell <david.tisdell@...> writes:

> Hi all,I use Rosegarden to teach composition to middle school students.
For a long time, I used Studio64 but it wasn't being updated and I was
running into driver issues on new hardware installations. In August, I
installed XUbuntu and added all of the music programs I use but have been
really unhappy with Ubuntu. There have been stability issues and frequent
loss of communication to software synthesizers. Before I do my next round of
compositions, I want to ditch Ubuntu.Does anyone have a recommendation for
an audio distro? Remember, I am doing this with middle school student so
stability and consistency are paramount. Personally, I have been a suse
person for several years but there are a couple of quirks to doing digital
audio and MIDI on suse that I don't mind dealing with myself but don't want
to spring on my students.Thanks.Dave
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I use two different computers for my elementary school classes.  Both my
laptop and amdx6 dual boot.  Both run AVL 6.0.1b.  Desktop also runs 12.04
LTS because I needed smartboard drivers and at the time, 12.04LTS was the
way to go.  Since some time, I find AVL 6 works as well.  AVL is debian.
Its rock solid and very stable.  The laptop also runs the most bleeding edge
ubuntu 13.10 daily.

My reason to have AVL 6 on both computers is because when students are in my
room, its just got to work.  And JACK runs much better on AVL.  Could be
debain and/or stable branch.  Also the people behind AVL are very cool and
support is great.  At least the best I have experienced in the computer world.

** Try AVL 6.

That is my recommendation.  Good luck!


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