Thanks for all the recommendations.

I have tried Ubuntustudio before but have had lots of issues with networking. Seems like there are few if any network drivers enabled in the Ubuntustudio Kernel. This is why I installed straight Ubuntu and added the music programs I use. Networking issues is a huge deal breaker in my environment.

I loved Studio64 but it is just too old now. I started out using JAD which was a DAW/MIDI hack of Suse but they only got one stable version and a second beta out the door before they packed it in.

Suse is my personal preferred Distro but since JAD called it quits, I have often had to compile several of the music programs I use and create some workarounds to get things to work properly.

I am going to try  a download of Musix and either Fedora Core or Cent OS with Planet CCRMA addons.

They all seem to have quirks to deal with. I really need proper networking plus JACK, Rosegarden, ZynaddSubFX, Hydrogen Drum Machine, Audacity and Ardour. In the classroom, Ardour is the least important and Rosegarden plus Zyn and Hydrogen are the most important.