Perhaps some more encouragement, I did the music for the iPhone video game "Star Rangers" back in 2009 using Rosegarden for everything until the mastering stage. My orchestral SoundFonts at the time were pretty awful, but it was my first time doing a game soundtrack, and my first project using only open-source software. You can hear the music at this page, and you will need to scroll down to "Film and Game Scores" to see it.


On 01/26/2013 12:11 PM, Abrolag wrote:
For Michael and the other long-suffering devs.

I've just completed a project that uses Rosegarden to drive two instances of
Yoshimi at a total of 32 different instruments for 8 minutes. It is intended to
be a demo of Yoshimi's capabilities, but I thought you'd like to know about it
as it's also a demo of Rosegarden at the same time.

The entire project was built up relying mostly on melodic parts played in real
time with some editing later. Arps and chord stabs were also recorded live, but
unfortunately I had to quantise some of these as my playing wasn't regular
enough - particularly on the longer sections where these old fingers are
getting a little stiff :(

The only fly in the ointment is a problem in the matrix editor when using the
controller 7 window. Occasionally it would place the 'dots' oddly, then the
next editing attempt would crash Rosegarden completely. Otherwise, it survived
heavy editing and copying with multiple part windows open and me rapidly going
backwards and forwards.

If you're interested the completed track is:-

If anyone is *really* interested I can let you have the complete project files
(there are only four :)