First of all, let's find out what clock sources are available to Debian and see which one is being used. Run this command:

cat /sys/devices/system/clocksource/clocksource0/*

This will return two lines of information. The first line contains the available clock sources and the second line is the currently active clock source. By default, Ubuntu uses "tsc". I'm not sure if Debian does the same or not. Here is what the above command returns on my system:

tsc hpet acpi_pm

You can see that my system is set to the HPET timer. It originally was set to TSC (CPU clock), but the CPU clock was not accurate so I changed it.

Here's how to change the clock source, assuming you have GRUB 2 installed:
  1. Restart your PC. You should see a GRUB menu appear which allows you to choose which OS or Linux kernel to boot into. If you don't see the menu, hold down the SHIFT key while booting to make it appear.
  2. With the current Linux version highlighted on the menu, press 'e' to edit the entry. Keep in mind that the edit we do will only affect the current boot.
  3. Find the line that begins with "linux /boot..." and ends with something like "quiet splash". Go to the end of that line and add "clocksource=hpet" (without the quotes, of course).
  4. Press CTRL-X to boot.
  5. Your system will be using the HPET timer rather than the CPU timer during this session.
If you find that this change works, let me know and I'll give you instructions for making it permanent.

On 11/14/2012 12:09 PM, Delpistroumph wrote:
Le 14/11/2012 16:32, S. Christian Collins a écrit :
Does it improve if you add the following to your kernel boot parameters?



I would like to try but not (enough) sure how to do that.
What file are you exactly thinking about? (debian system)

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