On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 5:27 AM, D. Michael McIntyre <michael.mcintyre@rosegardenmusic.com> wrote:
That makes me wonder if there isn't some Qt class that could do the same job,
and if Qt Creator wouldn't do a better job of letting you debug that class
than an STL one.

If there's some benefit to the swap, like better debugging, then I'd have no
objection to switching that out.  I've generally been using Qt over STL
classes in new work, while leaving old work alone unless there's a compelling
reason to fool with it.

Well, I just tried replacing that particular std::ofstream with a QTextStream (the best analog I could find), but the IDE still doesn't show its value when debugging. So I won't dwell on that too much. I'm still happy to have a good visual debugger.