Hi all,

I'm looking for a debugger that has good support for examining the values of Qt and STL objects (especially QString and std::string, since those are used for much of what I want to inspect when debugging Rosegarden). Up to now, I've used gdb inside of Eclipse, but I can't even seem to get a string representation of std::string using gdb.

KDevelop and Qt Creator both claim to have the Qt and STL support I'm looking for, but I haven't figured out how to get them to import the Rosegarden codebase as a project, so debugging in those IDEs has been a non-starter. Those were the only two suggestions that came up from a Google search for Qt debuggers.

I don't mind using a CLI-based debugger if good graphical debuggers aren't available, so long as I can set a break point and ask it what the value of a given string variable is, and it will return the answer as a human-readable string.

So what is everyone else using?