On Tue, May 24, 2011 at 2:49 AM, Chris Cannam <cannam@all-day-breakfast.com> wrote:
For Qt Creator (v2.1.0):

 * Check out the Rosegarden tree from Subversion and run bootstrap.sh
and ./configure --enable-debug from the command line (to generate the
Makefile so Qt Creator can see it)
 * Open Qt Creator, use File -> New File or Project... -> Other
Project -> Import Existing Project
 * Navigate to your Rosegarden tree root and enter Rosegarden as the
project name, click Next
 * Select "None" in the "Add to Version Control" menu, click Finish
 * Build -> Build All (ignore the scary-looking "No relevant classes
found" warnings from moc) and wait for build
 * Debug -> Start Debugging -> Start Debugging
 * Browse to "rosegarden" executable in build tree root directory and click OK

Qt Creator does indeed give better support for things like Qt classes
than you'll get from gdb at the command line.


Awesome, thanks!
I had been using Qt Creator 1.3.1, which is what my distro currently provides. I ditched that and downloaded version 2.2 from Nokia's Web site, and now it offers the option to debug (which I think was the missing piece in my earlier attempts).
I did run into some trouble with Qt Creator saying the build didn't have debugging symbols, which was puzzling, because it's the same build I had used for debugging in Eclipse. But doing a `make clean` and re-building solved that problem, and now I'm stoked to see not only QString and std::string values, but also the contents of a std::vector<std::string>! My only complaint in the first few minutes of using it is that it doesn't show the value of the std::ofstream that represents the LilyPond file being created by LilyPondExporter.