When I experience silent notes with an external synth, it's usually a problem with the volume controller value (CC7) being set to 0 on the synth's corresponding MIDI channel.  (The easy way to fix that is to fiddle with the level knob for the track in Rosegarden.)  You might also check expression (CC7) and similar controller values.

On Jun 23, 2010 3:45 PM, "Audiodef" <damien@audiodef.com> wrote:

I'm gradually switching from Windows to Linux for music production, and Rosegarden is part of my set up. I've used it before - successfully - but now I'm having a weird problem I've never had before.

I can record, but not play MIDI.

My interface to my hardware synths is an Emagic AMT8. I know my hardware setup works because I can record and play back MIDI on any of my synths using qtractor. However, having set up the correct connections in Rosegarden, I can record, but not play MIDI. I know my synths are receiving MIDI data from Rosegarden because I can see the synth's programs changing when I change bank and program in the instrument parameters. But actual notes are just not being played.

I'm hardly a n00b to all this, but I'm stumped. Is this a bug, or did I miss something?

I'd appreciate any help! I've checked the manual and FAQ and did not see any answers to my issue therein.


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