I have succesfully used Rosegarden with my Edirol FA-66 (firewire sound card), both audio and midi, with Ubuntu studio 8.04. I'm using Roland XP-30 synth and HD-1 V-drums, so working midi is a must for me.

About a week ago I installed Ubuntu 10.04 on a second hard drive to test it, and to my surprise I noticed that the physical midi ports of FA-66 were missing in Rosegardens midi device manager. Then I went to check QJackctrl, and I noticed that midi ports were created in the midi tab (instead of the alsa tab)  that previously had always been empty.

The new ffado drivers are apparently now using jack midi, instead of 'legacy' (so they say) alsa midi, while Rosegarden still seems to be using alsa midi.

I've tried http://home.gna.org/a2jmidid which routes alsa midi to jack midi, but haven't had much luck with it.

I even thought about getting a usb midi interface, but would it require running another instance of jackd with alsa driver instead of ffado/firewire?

So, to make a long story into a short question: does anybody know if Rosegarden will (ever) work with jack midi?

Wishing all Rosegardeners a nice summer,
Mikko Reijo Mäkinen