maybe not a solution for your problem, but a different way (which actually I use to record different drums to different tracks in Ardour) - I just play on solo a given drum (e.g. hihat), and record it on a track. Next I put e.g. a snare to a solo mode, and record it on another track. And so on for each drum.
It takes some time, but it works.

Would it work for you as well?


2011/2/24 Daniel Bundzik <daniel.bundzik@vicitra.se>

Hi all!

I am new to Rosegarden and are trying to record my electronic drum kit (Roland TD-6KV).
I would like to get each drum (ie hi-hat, snare, tom ...) on a seperate track.
In the analog world this would be to record the drums with a set of microphones where each
microphone has its own track. How do you accomplish this?

I am using Addictive Drums with Wine and dssi-vst and I have great success recording
the drums with Rosegarden! However, all the drums are on a single track. It is possible to
split the track by using "Split by Pitch", but this is a very tedious approach
with a lot of copy and paste. Can this be done in an automatic way?

Is it perhaps possible to record the drums on multiple tracks (at the samt time) and on each track
have a filter to just keep a specific tone?

Any help is appreciated!


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