Hi Ken,

If you are only doing midi, Rosegarden should work just fine. If you want to add audio, not having an RT kernel becomes a problem. It is fairly simple to install an RT kernel.
In your note you said "We are just beginning using Rosegarden here". Are you teaching composition on Rosegarden? I have been using it for a few years now to teach composition to middle school students.


On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 7:19 AM, Ken Resander <kresander@yahoo.com> wrote:
A 'System Timer Resolution too low' dialog pops up when I click the yellow alert triangle icon in Rosegarden.

Entering sudo modprobe snd-rtctimer from terminal did not work
(received message FATAL module snd_rtctimer not found).

I have read Ubuntu Studio supports better real-time processing than
normal Ubuntu so decided to upgrade from Ubuntu 10.10 to Ubuntu Studio
using the following from the commandline:

'sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install ubuntustudio-desktop ubuntustudio-audio ubuntustudio-audio-plugins ubuntustudio-graphics ubuntustudio-video linux-rt'

Lots of audio/video applications were installed, but linux-rt was not
present, so the netresult = Ubuntu + new audio applications.

Googled and found '[ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio 10.10 no RT kernel'

We are just beginning using Rosegarden here and have no experience of
computer-aided composition and recording, MIDI, synthesizing,
sampling etc.

What is the effect on Rosegarden of not having real-time?
Would it matter for beginners like us?

P.S. The PC is an oldish 1.8GHz AMD Athlon with 512MB DRAM that was quite
literally gathering dust until I gave it a last chance and installed Ubuntu 10.10
a few days ago. Is this spec too slow for Rosegarden without RT kernel support?
What newer computer spec is likely to work? 64-bit OK for Rosegarden?

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