Hi everyone,

I've become a recent user of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and expecting Ubuntu 8.10 to arrive in the post soon.  I think Rosegarden is an outstanding piece of software, akin to Sibelius 5 on Windows.  But I haven't a clue on how to get a single sound out of it, even though I have placed notes in the notation editor and clicked on the play button.

I understand that Rosegarden works through JACK, which I haven't got to grips with either, and the patch bay goes way over my head; I really don't know what's going on there!  Listening to music on Rhythmbox is OK; now is there an equally simple way to hear my notes on Rosegarden?

It is unfortunate that sound in Ubuntu is not as simple to configure as it is in Windows.

Please help!

God Bless y'all chinas!

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