Waaaahooooo!   Nice piano sounds coming once again out
of rosegarden. yup, /etc/hosts was indeed the locus
of malfunction. And now my Kate app runs without a
slew of error messages. How often do you change a
config file and see unexpected desirable side effects?
So back to arranging the William Tell for my (as yet
phantasmigorical) trio of soprano sax, banjo and

tnx Mike, Johannes and Chris..

Ayerk B
Monterey Ca

--- "D. Michael McIntyre"
<michael.mcintyre@rosegardenmusic.com> wrote:

> On Saturday 20 October 2007, Ayerk Blei wrote:
> > thanks chris..
> > here's what I found in those files, and indeed
> "paul-laptop" does not
> > appear in the second file. Can you tell me what
> line I should add to the
> >
second? And if you have a few seconds to spare,
> is it the case that
> > dssi-plugin standard uses OSC? I wasn't aware of
> that, I'd be interested
> > in more info, or pointers thereto..
> I'm testing with my setup, since Chris will likely
> take some time to respond.
> My FluidSynth-DSSI Editor>> button brings up the GUI
> just fine, so my setup is
> a workable example.
> Looking over your stuff, it looks like you don't
> have a "paul-laptop" entry
> in /etc/hosts, just one for localhost. You can
> probably stick "paul-laptop"
> right after localhost to fix this.
> I can't quite offer my own /etc/hosts as an example,
> because it actually looks
> like I have a weird mistake in there, and I'm
> wondering how it works. But it
> does work. So I don't want to try to "fix" the
> weird mistake, but I
> want to encourage you to make the same mistake, and
> thus promote
> stupidity. :)
> Anyway:
> DSSI consists of a C language API for use by
> plugins and hosts, based on the
> LADSPA API, and an OSC (Open Sound Control) API for
> use in user interface to
> host communications. The DSSI specification
> consists of an RFC which
> describes the background for the proposal and
> defines the OSC part of the
> specification, and a documented header file which
> defines the C API.
> (http://dssi.sourceforge.net)
> --
> D. Michael McIntyre

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