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Rosegarden for windows doesn't use any of those interfaces - only a direct MIDI connection which is currently hard coded.  In future releases this may change but for the moment MIDI support is mainly just a proof of concept and there's no MIDI recording.


On 19 Jan 2012, at 00:31, Josep Pujadas i Jubany <jpujades@gmail.com> wrote:


I downloaded today Rosergarden for Windows and I found two problems:

* I have JACK for Windows also installed (it comes with last version of Hydrogen). The Windows version of Rosegarden can't work with JACK. JACK doesn't see Rosegarden and viceversa.

* I tried many Virtual MIDI ports to connect other virtual MIDI devices. I can't add anu imput MIDI and When I want to do sometimes Rosegarden crashes. I tested it with midyoke, sony virtual midi router and loopbe1, to connect http://vmpk.sourceforge.net/


Josep Pujadas
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