Hello fellow Rosegarden Users,

I am brand new to Rosegarden and am fairly new to the whole electronic music scene.  I've run into an odd problem and I'm hoping someone can help me out.  I recently important a .mid file into Rosegarden to start a new project.  I went through, track by track, making sure everything was right and for the most part, the piece plays fine.  However, one track is dedicated to percussion and this track does not play.  I checked all of my equipment and couldn't find anything wrong.  Eventually, I narrowed it down to the duration of the notes being set to zero (000-00-00-00).  I'm not sure if this is really normal or not, but when I changed the duration to something else (000-00-01-00, I think), voila, the drum "notes" started playing.  I thought, ok, no big deal, I'll just change every "note" in the drum track to a larger duration value and that'll be that.  However, I have found no easy way to change a mass group of notes.  I must click on each note separately in the Event List, change the duration and then close the Event Editor.

Have I missed something obvious here?  Is a zero duration normal and if so, is there an easier way to get it play?  I'm going through a midi controller out to a drum machine.

Thank you,