On 15/01/12 19:25, tim true wrote:
A couple of my tunes keep opening with timidity, which I do not have installed (because it sucks)... instead I have been using fluidsynth via Qsynth, and the pieces which open with that sound great. How do I get these other tunes to use the right soft synth? I can't seem to get them to stop trying to use timidity for some reason.... thanks for any suggestions.

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Start up Qsynth, and in Rosegarden, go to Studio>Manage MIDI Devices. Connect Qsynth to General MIDI device under there. Then do Studio>Save Current Document as default studio, which will ensure that Qsynth is the default next time. Btw, timidity is fine, you are probably just using it with freepats and not the fluid soundfont (you can change this by editing /etc/timidity/timidity.cfg)