I don't think this is a rosegarden problem. I have a similar issue with my opera browser when I switch to another workspace/desktop and back. I believe this is a problem of the window manager. Currently I'm using compiz with KDE, and I'm still looking for a solution...

Does resizing the rosegarden window refresh the contents? For me this helps in opera.


Am 25.01.2011 07:36, schrieb Andrew Fleenor:
The first time I tried to run Rosegarden 10.02 (from Ubuntu repository), I don't seem to recall this being an issue, but now the UI doesn't work. A portion of the tracks are offset, and a lot of stuff never gets redrawn when it's covered by another window, except for a few things that reappear when I mouse over them. The window is otherwise somewhat responsive, and if I can convince it to open a notation or matrix editor for a segment, that works fine. I get this behavior in both 10.02 and the latest (r12201) SVN snapshot.

I can't find any mention of this in the mailing list archives, so I'm guessing maybe it's something to do with my setup? I'm using Linux Mint 10 x64, GNOME desktop.

I have some screenshots, ranging from 38 to 91 kb, but I don't want to put them up without knowing if it's OK first.
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