D. Michael McIntyre wrote:

Just picked up on that detail.  The *latest* Ubuntu Studio means Gutsy, which 
just released a few days ago, right?

I haven't tested that.  I'm hearing a mixed bag of reports about it in 
non-audio contexts.  It seems like an iffy upgrade.  I wouldn't be surprised 
if it turns out to be something with the newer version is busted somehow.

If so, the Ubuntu Studio list would again be a helpful place to turn.  I 
expect they'd rather help sort the issue out than suggest you downgrade.


Turns out that an install of Ubuntu Studio somehow does not give you write access to the .kde directory that must be created in the home/user!

Funny but this seems to be a default install behaviour since Ubuntu Studio was first released...by simply changing the ownership and read write of the /home/"eric"/.kde hidden directory all the trouble went away. Really silly if you think about it. I was really butting my head against the wall trying to figure this one out. By the way the latest Rosegarden is not just a good piece of software it is turning out to be something great.
Thanks for the advice, I do hope to have a good working free classical guitar sf2 up in the next little while.

Eric Reesor