D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
On Thursday 17 May 2007 10:17 am, Chris Cannam wrote:
it's our hope to complete the job one day, it looks vanishingly unlikely by
now that we ever really will. 

I could write reams musing about this whole thing, but I guess the only thing 
that matters is that since life circumstances compel me to do what I'm doing 
right now, the likelihood that I will ever find time to become involved again 
is near zero.

It doesn't seem that disappointing, because nobody else is here anymore 
either.  The Rosegarden project is firing on only one cylinder these days, 
and only intermittently at that.
Let's not lose ourselves in negativism here, though: Rosegarden
suits my (admittedly humble) notation needs quite fine, and it's still
at the top of the playing field on Linux.

I for one am happy to try and fix things that limit me: fixing everything
would be an enormous job indeed, but chipping away limitations bit by
bit is still nice.

Will we ever 'get there'? I don't know. But we're already at a useful stage,
and things are only going to get better (even if not at the speed we'd
wish ;) ).