2009/5/18 D. Michael McIntyre <rosegarden.trumpeter@gmail.com>
On Sunday 17 May 2009, Chris Cannam wrote:

> Let's just say we don't _have_ to install anything.  We may want to
> have some things installed alongside the executable for the best user
> experience, but we can run with just the single binary.  I think
> that's pretty nice.

Sort of.  It depends on how far you push the line for "best user experience."
So far I haven't figured out how to load any of the example or library files
out of the resource bundle, and these are pretty important.

If we *could* do that, I'd just as soon leave them bundled, but I don't know
how to open the bundle as a filesystem in a QFileDialog.

> problem.  I suggest let's have a think about ways to mitigate that
> without changing the overall structure, first.

Yes, please, let's.

> > I still have to complain about the parameter-panel.
> > It takes 1/3 of my 1280x800 screen.
> Yes, I agree with this complaint -- it's very problematic in 1.7 as
> well.  (I have the same resolution on this screen.)  Solutions always
> welcome.

Buy a bigger monitor.  It's the only way.

In all seriousness, we've struggled with this one for years, and the problem
is how to make that take up less space without giving up ease of use.

The whole thing is particularly bad in non-English languages too.  We may have
one word for something that's five words in another language, and now the
entire layout eats 2/3 of the screen.  Just an off the cuff real example at a
glance, something like "Notation size" in English.  I'm not sure how it's
translated, but it would be something like "tamaño de la partitura" or at the
very minimum probably "tamño de partitura"

       notation size
       tamaño de partitura

You can see how it grows very easily.

What about using starting using symbols instead of text in other places than menus ?

Symbols are very cheaply translated into all languages and they use space sparcely.

Best wishes,