2008/12/14 Oliver Wieland <oli@team-wieland.de>
Hi Folks,

my name is Oliver Wieland (or just Oli), I'm 38 years old and come from
southern Germany (near Stuttgart). I'm a programmer for PLCs, mainly in
Structured Text and C. Also I programmed visualizations for machines with
Borland C++Builder and Delphi under windows.

At home I use Linux since 1999, but I never developed under Linux.
Since a few years I use Rosegarden as my favorite sequencer at home. Now I
changed my desktop environment to KDE4. Therefor I looked for a new Rosegarden
version. As I guessed that there is a lot of work to do for Rosegarden / KDE4
I decided to try a little bit programming under Linux and join the development

Welcome, Oli!

And, it is a great news that the sequencer has proven out to be useful.

I guess you know that we are dropping away the KDE dependence, since it never
was crucial for the project. However, once the program is QT4 ready, it will be
also KDE4 ready.

I don't have really much time, so please don't expect too much from me. But if
I can help a little bit to make Rosegarden KDE4-ready, I would be glad to do

When the QT4 version of RG is compiling (you may have notice the status report I just sent), everybody should start checking that their favourite functions are still there and working.

If you want to refresh where we are heading at in future, please take a look at our wiki page:


You are also welcome to join to the German translation team, if you want to work in your native (?) language. I checked that the German translation (de.po) has about 6 % fuzzy strings and 4 % untranslated strings.

Is your sf-account called owieland ?

Once you have decided what you would like to commit, we may add you sf-account as a developer.

A good practice is to send the first patch to this list for review.

Best wishes,